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Get Ready

Should you work in an office or outside? Are you better with your hands or with problem-solving? Take self assessments and talk to a career facilitator to learn more about your ideal career.

and Training

Do you have the skills and credentials needed for your career target? Do you need training? Are you comfortable on a computer?


Do you know the three types of interview questions? Do you have an answer to any variety of those three questions? Have you practiced interviewing? Do you present well?


What does it take to keep your job once you get it? How can you stay connected and keep learning?

Career Target

Don't just throw a dart in your search for a career. Which jobs are available where you live? Do you have the skills for your chosen career?

Résumé and
Cover Letter

Which of your skills and accomplishments are highlighted on your résumé ? Do you customize your résumé for every application you submit? Do you know what employers in your area want to see on a résumé ?


Can you describe your career target and skills in 60 seconds? Do you know who is connected to available jobs in your chosen career? What does your online presence say about you?


Are you searching for a way to describe your military skills in civilian terms? Want to know which employers are interested in hiring veterans? 

Hot Jobs

What are the latest jobs? Which occupations are in demand? Who's hiring?